Friday, October 19, 2012

L is for the way you look at me...

I have to say... being in love is such a fantastic feeling. Having your best friend beside you 24/7 is amazing. I really never get sick of him, it's weird in a way. I just don't understand these girls that get in "serious" relationships and mess with things in the past...ex-boyfriends, flings, crushes, crap like that. I can say this 100% honestly...I don't look at other guys. Now, when I say "look" I mean look as in looking for something else.

Don't get me wrong, if someone is attractive, I'm not going to deny it. Tony is the same way. If there is an attractive girl around, I know it, he knows it, why fight about it?

By look I mean, I've got the love of my life right here with me, I'm good. Exs try to contact me, ignored. People try to hit on me, denied. I'm proud of what I've got, what we've got. I've got perfection, why mess with it?

My whole point in this post is, why ruin a good thing? Why mess with perfection? As soon as I knew he was the one (and I knew quickly), I became blind to advances of others. They make me sick!  I get so annoyed when anyone even comes close to flirting with me, especially people that know how happy I am.

I've never been a cheater, never will be. I plan on getting married one time, and one time only. No divorce. No separation. After everything Tony and I have been through together, there is nothing we can't get past. We're in this relationship for a reason, God brought us together for a purpose, and I plan on spending the rest of my life finding that purpose.

Of course, we argue, fuss and fight, but who doesn't? There are no "perfect" relationships, but there are people who are perfect for each other, and we are definitely perfect for each other.

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