Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nausea, heartburn, indigestion...

I've been such a slacker on this thing lately. My bad, my bad.

Things are going as smoothly as possible. Third trimester...WOO! Home stretch! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by! We're gonna be parents soon! Holy crap....

The nausea and heartburn are back full force. I've actually thrown up a few times. Not cool. Get ready for a t.m.i. moment... I had my first hemorrhoid. OMG! It was awful. I felt like a dog, wanting to rub my ass across the carpet.

I told you it was going to be t.m.i.!

We're getting ready to move out of our townhouse, and into my parent's apartment. We're not exactly thrilled about this... I just keep telling myself it's only temporary and it is going to help us save a RIDICULOUS amount of money....but I'm just not thrilled about it. I know that once Riley gets here, we can't have sex for something like 6 weeks....but it might as well start the day we move in there. I guess that's what hotel's are for! ;)

I am grateful that my parents are willing to help us, though. It's such a blessing.

They should be knocking (what's left of) their house down sometime in the next week. It's bittersweet. I mean....I can hardly stand the thought of a wrecking ball taking out our home...but at the same time I just want it all over and done with. I want mom and dad to move on to something so much better. Right now it's just so hard to see them in that apartment that they hate... It's gonna be even more difficult once we're in there with them.

That being said we are considering saving up a few thousand and getting another apartment or something rent-to-own. Neither one of us wants to be a burden on them. With the way things are going, once I get my promotion my income will double. This will make it much easier for us to save for a down payment even having to pay rent. Our goal is to have $5000 in savings, no debt, and save up a down payment (separate from the 5k). I guess we'll reevaluate the way everything is going after the first of the year, and really get a solid plan in motion.

Tony left his second job. It was getting a little too arduous. We are 99% out of debt, and we've got some money saved up. It definitely helped us out but we need to enjoy the little time we have left with just us two. I'm looking forward to having our weekends back!

Well, football season is coming to an end. Alabama is playing Georgia in the SEC Championship this weekend! I WISH I COULD BE THERE!!!!!! I love that game. The 2009 match-up where we beat Florida (and made Tebow cry like a little bitch) was one of the best days of my life. I know, I know. I'm a super huge dork...but when you are raised with Crimson Tide football like I was, you know how special that game (and really that whole season) meant to the fans of our team. Roll tide. :)

Work has been going great! I'm just waiting on the day I get my promotion...waiting, and waiting....and waiting...... it's on the way though. I ran the property myself last week. Everything went awesome! Kicked some people out, checked some new ones in! I think the property was better off in the end of my week than it was when it started.

Tony and I are both off tomorrow for the first time in.....good lord.... I don't know how long. We're SLEEPING IN! Ahhhhh. I love that. We're going to go to his sister's house at some point. They have been collecting some baby stuff for us, so we're gonna go pick that up.

I hope everyone is doing as well as we are! Sorry for being absent lately...I promise, I'll do better. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Hey guys, what up?

Not too much to report here. I've been super busy lately with work and just general life stuff.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I'm so excited to get cooking! We're having the dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's house this year. We're gonna have over 20 people there. Holy cow! It's gonna be a blast though. Can't wait to watch Christmas Vacation with the fam. It's my favorite tradition.

Well, Alabama lost to Texas A&M last Saturday. Gotta say, it hurt. I'm too emotionally invested in football, I know. It's my thing and I don't apologize for it. Roll tide!

I will say that A&M outplayed us the ENTIRE game. That QB they've got is FIERCE. He really deserves to win the Heisman. He's that good.

One thing that pissed me off more than losing the game...the comments other team's fans (particularly Auburn) were posting on facebook. Really? You're gonna laugh at US losing ONE GAME when you've only won TWO the ENTIRE SEASON? One being an OT win to a nothing school, the other being a close game to a non-conference opponent? Grow up. It's sad when the highlight of their season is us losing one game.

We lost one last season, too. Look how bad that turned out....national champs.

Anyways, I'm ranting. My bad.

I had "the crud" all last week. I'm feeling much better. Tomorrow I'm going to stop back by my doctor's office and get my flu shot. I'm also going with mom to ServPro.

They finished cleaning and repairing the contents of our house, and mom wants me there with her. It's going to be emotional to say the least. Maybe I can get a pedicure out of it? :)

Everything else is going extremely well. Work is good, and it's looking like *fingers crossed* my promotion will be coming sooner than later! God, that's such good news. I really, really hope and pray it all works out. We really need this to come through.

I'm at the point with this company that it's shit-or-get-off-the-pot time. If I don't have the promotion, or a definite date for it by the time Riley gets here, I'm going to have to start looking for something else.

The thing of it is, I do like my job. It's very rarely stressful, and I already know 99% of what the promotion will entail. When it is stressful, it's nothing I can't handle. Plus with the promotion, I will be full-time. That means if I get burned out, I can take a vacay! That will make all the difference in the world. Plus my pay will more than double, so I can't be mad at that.

It's just time for everything to go our way. We've had so much stuff go "not as planned," we could really use some positive karma.

At this point, only time will tell.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's just one of those days...

I feel like complete dog's ass. I am so freaking sick it's ridiculous. I've got the crud. Blahh. I was taking Tylenol cold and sinus and it wasn't doing crap.

Thankfully I had a doctor's appointment today and they informed me that I CAN take sudifed and mucinex! THANK GOD! I may be able to salvage my day after all.

Riley is developing perfectly, says Dr. Bolton. She's sitting high and in front, which is apparently what you want. Her heart rate is 156. Can't beat that!
I have gained about 15 pounds. Blahhhh. I only wanted to gain 10 and I'm probably going to gain more. That. Sucks. Oh well, it's all about keeping the baby healthy so whatever works.

I was supposed to get a flu shot today, but with me having they crud, they want me to wait and stop by sometime next week and have one. I've never had a flu shot before. I'm not a fan of them. I mentioned that and Dr. Bolton said it would be detrimental to the health of the baby if I do get the flu, so I'll just suck it up and get the shot.

Next month, when I'll be in my 3rd trimester (holy crap!), I'll have tests run to check my glucose levels (to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes) and my iron checked. Mom had GD with me, so there is a chance I could have it. The doctor said since I'm not gaining a lot of weight, there is little to no chance I'll have it.

I have to tell on myself. My nipples were hurting to badly that I bought a manual breast pump to get the milk out. I was helping with the pain. Apparently I need to stop that RIGHT NOW because it can cause contractions. Consider it stopped. She said to just find little ways to make the pain less severe- like wearing sports bras, taking showers, blah blah blah. Nothing, I mean NOTHING helps. I'm just gonna have to suck it up and deal with it.


Monday, November 5, 2012

25 things that don't suck about being pregnant

Okay, okay. Enough with the negative, I suppose. Let's list some of the positive things about being knocked up. I'm not promising I'll get to 50, but we'll try. :)

1. The sympathy. It's the BEST. I can blame anything on being pregnant, and get away with it! I try not to take this for granted.

2. I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want it and not get crap for it. Not saying I'm overeating (it only takes 300 extra calories a day to grow a healthy baby), but it's nice to eat cereal for dinner, followed by rainbow sherbet.

3. Feeling her kick. It's amazing to know that's our daughter in there. It's an amazing feeling.

4. Looking and buying all the cute baby gear. I'm addicted to it already!

5. The random gifts! I blogged about this a few weeks ago. It's AWESOME to get random gifts at random times. I'm definitely a fan!

6. Excited friends and family.

7. Seeing my body change.

8. Talking to my daughter and feeling her move when I do.

9. Having a legitimate excuse to get out of ANYTHING.

10. Not having to lift heavy things.

11. Having a future husband who is willing to give me massages whenever I want or need them. He's amazing!

12. My hair is growing super fast!

13. I'm much closer to Tony's family now. We were close before, don't get me wrong, but we have a bond tying us all together now. It's pretty special!

14. The look on Tony's face the first time he saw his baby on the ultrasound monitor.

15. How cute Tony is when he talks to Riley.

16. Deciding how to decorate her (future) room. Pink and grey looks to be the idea!

17. Not being concerned about my weight as much as before. I'm pregnant, it's not the time to be dieting.

18. Coming up with names was SO much fun. I think we came up with the perfect name for our lil peanut.

19. Planning future adventures for our lil family...we're saving our pennies to take Riley to the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade when she's 3. HOW FUN!

20. Deciding what kind of mother I will be. Taking the good and the bad from what Tony and I were both raised with, and deciding what will work best for us.

21. Knowing that no matter what we plan, we're really just going to wing it. I think that's the case with most parents.

22. Being excited that we're still young enough to really have fun with our lil one.

23. Pinning all the cute mommy and baby activities on pinterest. :)

24. Knowing that in a few short months, our lives are going to change forever.

25. Being in love with someone we haven't even met yet <3

Friday, November 2, 2012

25 more things that suck about being pregnant

I've thought of some more! Enjoy! :)

26. People, even random strangers, think it's completely acceptable to come up to me and touch my stomach. Excuse me, no. Back off.

27. Restlessness. Sleeping is a chore now, and I grab a few winks whenever I can.

28. No roller coasters or fair rides. Hmmmph.

29. You can't smoke weed. Truth be told, in college I smoked my share of the greenery. I can't tell you how much better life would be if women could smoke a little to help with the nausea. In a different world, I suppose.

30. Ankles and feet swelling. I haven't had much of that (so far) but it does make you feel cow-like.

31. My nipples CAN'T TAKE temperature change. Seriously, if the A/C kicks on at work, it's OV for me and my milk jugs. Pain, pain, pain.

32. I get slightly winded when going up the stairs. I'm not "out of shape" by any means, but Miss Riley makes it a little more difficult.

33. My fingers are swollen and my rings are super tight :(

34. I HAVE THE CRAZIEST DREAMS! A lot of them are bad or scary ones. I don't like that.

35. My legs are constantly sweaty. No clue what's up with that.

36. The cravings are coming on more and more frequently the further along I get. Abby said the word "happy" in a text, and now ALL I WANT IS A FREAKING HAPPY MEAL!

37. My tastes have dramatically changed. The thought of eating a pizza roll makes my stomach turn...but for some reason, I really want a banana.

*Side note, thank you Gwen Stefani for teaching me how to spell the word banana...but I ain't no holla back girl...*

38. It's difficult for me to sit still. I want to go run laps around the office....then take a nap...

39. My nail beds and nails are super flaky and gross. I thought prenatal vitamins were supposed to make me have super nails?

40. I would love to jump on a trampoline right now. No can do.


42. If I get upset or angry, it's "because she's pregnant." Not that I have a legitimate concern or reason to be angry or anything. Word.

43. I'm automatically the DD. I get it but geeze! Can't someone else bite the bullet with me?

44. My cute clothes don't fit anymore. I miss my skinny jeans.

45. My skin is itchy, and drinks lotion.

46. People annoy me much more easily than they did before I got knocked up.

47. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't get further than a face-to-face interview for a new job. Nobody is going to hire someone with a baby growing inside them.

48. I'm much more forgetful, and I'll go into these dazes where I have no idea what the hell is even going on. It took me like 10 minutes to type that line. Whoops.

49. I'm very judgemental of other people's parenting styles. Everything makes me say, "my kid will not do that," or "I will not be that kind of way."

50. My friends and family's feelings are directly tied into mine. If they are sad, I'm sad. If they are pissed, I'm pissed.

But for now, I'm hungry. Lunch time!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

25 Things that suck about being pregnant.

Okay, I'm feeling listy. Here are some things, in no particular order, that truly suck about pregnancy. Enjoy!

1. Having to worry if what you're eating is bad for the baby. Seriously, there is something out there saying EVERYTHING is bad for unborn babies. I really can't have Gorgonzola on my salad? I've gotta watch out for rice? And deli meat? Geeze...

2. I'd kill for a huge glass of moscato right now. Enough said.

3. EVERYTHING gives me heartburn... Really cocoa puffs? Really?

4. No hot tubs. God forbid I boil my daughter.

5. Only 2 caffeinated drinks a day. Awesome....

6. The only thing you can "take" is Tylenol. It's okay, I enjoy having headaches.

7. My emotions are all over the place. Did the look on my dog's face when I left for work really just make me cry the whole way there? Yeah it did.


9. I'm hot allllllllll the time.

10. If I so much as breathe too hard, I pee on myself. God forbid I have to sneeze....

11. Obvious one... The weight gain.

12. I miss the tanning bed.

13. I'm too nervous to ride my bike. Too risky.

14. Let's be honest, I was a clutz before. 1000x worse now...

15. My hip bones are achy.

16. Certain smells make my skin crawl. Okay honestly, I've always had an intense sense of smell, but you know it's bad when you know exactly what your neighbors in either apartment are cooking for any given meal.

17. Constant. Gas.

18. Constipation.

19. I can't physically sleep on my belly anymore. :(

20. Prenatal vitamins are making my skin and hair SO DRY!

21. The skin on my back is stretching to compensate for my front. It's itchy and painful.

22. Stretch marks.

23. Nothing is ever clean enough.

24. I can feel myself being a super huge pain-in-the-ass bitch, but choose to do nothing about it.

25. I'm always, just a little bit, HUNGRY!