Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm a picker, I'm a grinner. I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner.

Sorry for the lack of posts, y'all. Been a busy little B! Get it, busy B... Haha :)

Hope everyone has been doing well. Thanks for hanging in with me and still readin'! I appreciate it more than you know.

I'm just sitting at work right now, clearly using my time wisely. We are so dead. We have about 40 reservations for the weekend (Alabama homecoming, game vs Mississippi State...Roll tide!). I've already got all my reservation packets ready for 'em. Make the check-in process as quick and painless as possible, for myself and the guest. We are overbooked so....it will be a fun weekend...
Halloween is coming up! I wish we could do something super fun, but we're working, working, working! I think T might be taking off from his 2nd job Saturday so we can go to the game at least. Hey, some Alabama football is plenty celebration for me!

Tony and I had a really meaningful week in our relationship. Everyone goes through these points in relationships where, you might not realize it at the time, but after the fact you realize whatever you're working through has made you stronger.

The long story short is that T had an issue at work that was really getting under his skin. Now, my baby is not the guy that lets every little thing bother him. This was a build up of a lot of shit, over an extended period of time.

When he goes through these periods (once in a blue moon), he will go through every freaking emotion on the spectrum in a very short period of time. All I can do it anticipate the issue, and work with him as best I can. There wasn't any denying it coming. I dealt with it as best I could, until he reached the point where he was just being a baby.

Nothing I could do or say would make him see anything but the dark cloud hanging in front of him. Finally, I had enough of trying to make him feel better...it just wasn't working! I just kinda snapped on him. Call it hormones, the pregnancy, whatever...I basically told him he was being a baby and he needed to man-up and realize how good we really do have it. I was a little harsh, but I think he needed to hear it.

The next day, we were both home for lunch and he was still pretty down. I, much more calmly this time, worked with him on what the issue really was. We got to the root of it. The whole time, he just wasn't understanding the psyche of these other people he works around.

This became a great thing for our relationship because of my degree. My whole focus of my communication degree is why people communicate (verbally and non verbally) the way they do! Had I known this was the problem from the beginning, we could have solved this before it was even an issue!

I explained some things to him that he knew but didn't know the term for and why people act in these certain ways. I even broke out one of my communication books and showed him scholarly examples. We really connected over it.  It gave me the educational validation I needed (but didn't know I needed), and helped him see defferent, more effective ways of facing the issues that were bothering him.

In the end, we had some amazing sex, and now we're both having a much better and productive week.

I guess sometimes ya just need to communicate!

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