Friday, September 7, 2012

Things that really grind my gears...

I'm in the mood to complain. The following entry is going to contain things that piss me off. Enjoy!

People that don't use their blinkers.

Not having my car while I'm working.

People who join Mary Kay/ Avon/ 31 gifts/ etc and post about it nonstop on Facebook and Pinterest.

The color orange.

The smell of steamed cabbage.


When people say "let me ax you a question..."

When people say any variation of "we fixin go over my grandmama house..." Nouns, pronouns and verbs are interchangeable.

Dying highlighters.

People blaming everything on government conspiracies.

Political bashing on Facebook.

People making me repeat myself more than once.

People who don't tip.

Fax machines.

People playing loud music through a cell phone.

People who have loud songs on their phones as their text tones, and they don't stop the music once they have received and recognized the text.


B. O.

Excessive body hair.


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