Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another update on baby Preston

Quick update on Preston. They have stopped warming him medically, and are letting his body do its own thing. 

I heard this morning that his temperature had spiked to near-fever levels, not a good sign. However, Mom says his temp is normal now and he is still stable.

She also said he is beginning to "fight the ventilator." This is great news! He is cognitive enough to know he doesn't want that thing on his face. :)

He is breathing on his own at about 13 breaths a min, so he is still being assisted by the ventilator.

His heart rate is elevated (in the 170s range). That is high, but not awful.

The doctors are slowly taking him off the meds. Today is critical! PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!

Tony, my mom, sister and I are going to see Preston and the family tomorrow. I'll be sure to update after seeing this sweet, sweet baby, or if I hear anything else today.

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