Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh the in-laws...

Well, we told Tony's parents. He went over to their house Monday night while I was still at work.

It went about like we thought it would. They were concerned about the same things my parents were/are concerned about- not being married and no real savings. Figured.

I get it, hell those things concern me too!

Last night, around 10:30, they started texting me. I told them how much I love them and respect everything they have done/continue to do for us. They told me they are excited for us and know that everything will be wonderful.

My heart is overjoyed! It so could have gone the other way.

I sent them the pictures of the ultrasound. I was told some tears were shed. Pops was trying to figure our who peanut looks like. :D

All that, and this BEAUTIFUL Fall day considered, I'm a happy lil mommy to be!

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