Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't drink the water...

Okay, I wanna talk about something that pissed me off yesterday. I know that as I tell family members, more and more people will know I’m pregnant. Case in point, my grandmother.
Now, as you would expect, Mimi has a very old school mentality. When I told her I was pregnant, I played the whole “I just don’t want to disappoint anyone” card. It worked just as I thought it would. Of course as soon as she talked to my mom, it was a completely different story.
She couldn’t believe Tony did this to me. She was worried about what people would think. I get all of that, I really do.  What bothers me is that she didn’t say any of this to me! She said it to my mom, brother, sister, and cousins. Everyone (but my sister) set her straight. They told her they are happy about this and she should be to! This will be their 5th great grandchild! That is a blessing in itself.
She has since got on board and has stopped saying negative things. My cousin whipped out her pack of birth control and said, “If it wasn’t for these, I would have been pregnant a long time ago!” I would have paid to seen the look on Mimi’s face.
That’s not what pissed me off.
What pissed me off was my sister. When I told them, very early on, that we were having a baby, we asked them to keep it quiet. I didn’t want tons of people knowing before I got out of the 1st trimester. We also thought it unfair that less important people found out before T’s parents (who were in/are in New York).
Apparently my sister took that to mean she could tell whoever she wanted.
I found out yesterday, from my mother, that my sister (whom doesn’t even have a facebook) figured I had put it all over facebook (which I haven’t), so it didn’t matter who she told! So all these random people, some I don’t even know, found out I was pregnant before a lot of people that truly matter in our lives and the life of our child.
This REALLY got me heated.
My sister is a lesbian. When she told me, several years ago, I kept it to myself. I mean, it was no shocker, but still it was/is her business to tell. So why couldn’t she give ME the same respect?! My sister and I have always been tremendously close, and this cut me to the core. This is the biggest news I’ve ever been able to share with people, but that’s okay…you go ahead and tell whoever the hell you feel like telling.
What if it had/has gotten back to T’s family?! How would they feel!? If in fact it has, SHE will be the one apologizing to them, not me. I kept my mouth shut. I respect other people’s feelings.

I told my mom that if she talks to her before I do (which isn’t going to be for a while) to “keep her fucking mouth shut.” I’m pissed.

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