Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who cares baby? I think I wanna marry you...

First off, this may be the sweetest and most impressive marriage proposal EVER! I cried like a little baby. Check it out! 

Live lip-dub marriage proposal

Anyways, I still feel like crap but I'm off tomorrow so hopefully I'll recover. I am just crazy nauseous and headachy. I am not a fan.

Tony is at his new/2nd job right now for his first shift. I hope it's going well! I'm so proud of him for doing this, but I miss him already. I hope he's not gone all night...unless he's making bookoodles of cash. If that's the case, cool. :)

I had a baby dream last night! Peanut was a boy again, and this time I wasn't in some weird high school locker room type hospital all alone...

That's another story entirely.

So yeah, I had our lil peanut and it was a beautiful baby boy...with with blonde, curly hair! What?! T and I both have dark locks so that kinda threw me off. Anyways, he was so cute and really smart. 

See, I can say he was smart because in 95% of my baby dreams, my kid is like 3 years old in a matter of minutes. It's the strangest thing! One minute I had just delivered, the next he's a couple months, then a couple years! Maybe it's a metaphor for how fast childhood goes by....ha, dream metaphors.

We had him down in Troy at my grandparent's house. Several of my cousins, T and I were all in the living room downstairs talking and stuff. I guess the older folks were gone somewhere and had taken peanut with them.

So we were all sitting around smoking a joint....

I'm such a classy dream parent.

I wanna give a shout-out to honey Teddy Grams.... My doctor told me to try them for nausea and I gotta say, they really do help! I'm keeping the box beside my bed to combat early morning sickness. Tasty and helpful, can't beat it! :)

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