Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

Just wanted to send out a quick prayer for everyone that has been or will be impacted by hurricane Isaac. I've got a lot of family and friends down on the gulf coast. Just hope everyone is prepared.

Speaking of family, Babs (my lovely mother) is actually in Destin right now. She is there by herself, and is refusing to come home, seeing no danger in the situation...

I DON'T get it. Why would you want to stay in a hurricane when you don't have to?  She should have come home yesterday. Now she can't leave. The water from the gulf is already covering the entire beach, and hitting the seawall.

She says she has a meeting with a lady about having new drapes put in, and she is going to buy new patio furniture today.

Well, if she stands around outside long enough, some new stuff might just blow by...

These are the genes we are passing down to our child. I'm worried.

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  1. Update- the lady cancelled the appointment about the new drapes. SHOCKER...