Thursday, November 1, 2012

25 Things that suck about being pregnant.

Okay, I'm feeling listy. Here are some things, in no particular order, that truly suck about pregnancy. Enjoy!

1. Having to worry if what you're eating is bad for the baby. Seriously, there is something out there saying EVERYTHING is bad for unborn babies. I really can't have Gorgonzola on my salad? I've gotta watch out for rice? And deli meat? Geeze...

2. I'd kill for a huge glass of moscato right now. Enough said.

3. EVERYTHING gives me heartburn... Really cocoa puffs? Really?

4. No hot tubs. God forbid I boil my daughter.

5. Only 2 caffeinated drinks a day. Awesome....

6. The only thing you can "take" is Tylenol. It's okay, I enjoy having headaches.

7. My emotions are all over the place. Did the look on my dog's face when I left for work really just make me cry the whole way there? Yeah it did.


9. I'm hot allllllllll the time.

10. If I so much as breathe too hard, I pee on myself. God forbid I have to sneeze....

11. Obvious one... The weight gain.

12. I miss the tanning bed.

13. I'm too nervous to ride my bike. Too risky.

14. Let's be honest, I was a clutz before. 1000x worse now...

15. My hip bones are achy.

16. Certain smells make my skin crawl. Okay honestly, I've always had an intense sense of smell, but you know it's bad when you know exactly what your neighbors in either apartment are cooking for any given meal.

17. Constant. Gas.

18. Constipation.

19. I can't physically sleep on my belly anymore. :(

20. Prenatal vitamins are making my skin and hair SO DRY!

21. The skin on my back is stretching to compensate for my front. It's itchy and painful.

22. Stretch marks.

23. Nothing is ever clean enough.

24. I can feel myself being a super huge pain-in-the-ass bitch, but choose to do nothing about it.

25. I'm always, just a little bit, HUNGRY!

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