Friday, February 1, 2013

37 weeks pregnant, we have reached full term!

Wow...I have a full term baby in my belly!

I went back to the doctor today, we are right on schedule with 37 weeks! I can't believe I'll be a mom in 3 weeks! Holy crap!

She is head down and dropping! Heart rate is 150! Everything is going smoothly. According to "statistics," Riley is right at 6 pounds and 19 inches! My little peanut! Let's hope she doesn't get tooooooo much bigger. *Fingers crossed!*

I've gained about 25 pounds. ICK. My doctor commended me on how well I've done, though. She said I've done extremely well the whole time! That made me feel great. I had a lofty goal of trying to gain only 10 pounds...whoops. She said the weight gain is fine, and with breastfeeding, I should have no problem getting it right back off.

That made me feel really, really good.

Time for a confession... around 5 am I woke up and was dying to pee...I didn't make it all the way there. -___-  I let a little loose a little too soon. I just had to laugh at myself. These things happen. Mom says it's payback from when she was pregnant with me.

At least I don't have hemorrhoids.

God, don't let those be my famous last words....

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