Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't really need to pay attention to the alarm...wake up slow

I don't understand people that just perpetuate bad moods. It's really annoying, and has the tendency to put me in a bad one. I'm really not a fan.

Anyways, what's up guys?

I've had a decent day so far. Work is incredibly slow... I'm basically blogging to stay awake.

Yesterday T and I decided it was time for us to be more "grown-up." We need to start getting on a better schedule so we will be able to put Riley on one as well. Today was day one and it went surprisingly well! T has to be at work at 9, so I started waking him up at 6. We both have the same problem...which is staying in bed until the last possible second. I told him we just had to start "waking up slow." Jack Johnson would be so proud.

First alarm went off at 6, we snoozed it twice. After that I told him he had to sit up and I turned the tv on. I got us both some coffee, and made him eggs and toast. He made it to the gym, and had a good 45 minutes to work out. He came back, showered, and got ready for work.

He left with plenty of time to make it to work, and even remarked how much better he felt! I think we found what works! I just have to make him....well, us...stick to it. :)

Not gonna lie...since I didn't have to be at work til 11 today, I totally went back to sleep.

On my lunch break I finally cleaned my car. Still can't get the pickle smell out of it... moving sucks! I want it to look nice for our road trip to Auburn this weekend. It's time for me to be a 7 month pregnant bridesmaid.... I can't WAIT to see how these pictures turn out... :)

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