Saturday, January 26, 2013

25 things I won't miss about being pregnant...

Alright we're at 36 weeks....I think it's time for another list. :)

Here's 25 things I won't miss about being pregnant.

1. Morning sickness...."just the first trimester" my ass.

2. Random people thinking it's okay to touch my belly. Uhm, ever hear of personal space?

3. The swelling. I have sausage fingers and I'm pretty sure my feet can pass for boulders.

4. The increased blood flow. I've had more nosebleeds during this pregnancy than I have in the last 10 years.

5. Not being able to take any of the good medicine. If I could just take some aspirin or ibuprofen from time to time...

6. No wine. If you have read more than 2 of my blog entries, you know I'd kill for a glass of moscatto right now.

7. Not being able to sleep on my stomach.

8. Getting up 98503495 times a night to pee.

9. Restless leg syndrome...sadly I hear this may never go away.

10. Peeing on myself if I so much as breathe too hard...

11. Awkward sex positions.

12. People saying things like, "omg you look like you're about to pop!" "you look so uncomfortable." "Girl, I'm glad I'm not you!" Really? Thanks.

13. Getting kicked in the ribs. People keep telling me that's the one thing I'll miss, having her right there. I get that, I'm just tired of getting kicked all the time.

14. Not being able to go more than an hour away from the hospital.

15. All the doctor visits.


17. Not being able to bend over all the way.

18. Feeling like a lazy bum.

19. The hormones and crying at the site of an ASPCA commercial...

20. The pain in my hips!

21. The forgetfulness.

22. Being uncomfortable in the car...ughhh.

23. The constant worry about everything I eat or drink.

24. My extra-super-short fuse.


Don't get excited... I really don't think I'll be able to come up with 25 things I will miss about being pregnant... I guess we'll reevaluate that once Riley gets here.

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