Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The first few days home with a newborn and my adventures with breast feeding.

Well our baby girl is 9 weeks old today! Growing up WAY too fast! She's already changed so much, it's hard to believe. I guess now it's about time to blog about her first few days home.... not that I'm blogging on the clock or anything. :)

She was SUCH a good girl in the hospital. She barely cried at all, only when they would check her temp (she didn't like the cold thermometer). She had lost a little more weight than they wanted her to while we were in the hospital. She went from 7, 11 to right at 7. They said it was normal and didn't see any cause for concern, but to bring her in on Friday (we went home on Thursday) for a weight check. Anyways, we were really excited about what a good baby we had!

And then we brought her home...

The first day was pretty good. She cried some, but we figured it was her getting used to a new place...makes sense, right? She slept most of the day, as newborns do. We let her hang out in her swing, which she loved!
My best friend for over 20 years was on her way from Atlanta to see us! I was so excited! Couldn't wait to show off our lil bundle of joy.

About 9pm or so, after Sarah had arrived, Riley started SCREAMING bloody murder. It was horrendous! I've never heard anything that awful in my entire life. She wanted to eat all the time, and I was exhausted from trying to breast feed constantly.

She. Just. Wouldn't. Stop.

By midnight she was crying, I was crying, Tony was crying and the house was in such disarray...it was pitiful. Luckily Sarah and Mama took her from us. They told us to sleep (which I couldn't really do anyway, but we tried at least).

She cried all night. We basically took shifts rocking her and walk-bouncing. I was trying to feed her just about every 45 minutes.

Looking in her eyes, I was starting to see some yellowish hue in the corners. That, my friends, is a sign of starvation. I panicked.

The next morning when we took her into lactation for her weight check, our poor little girl had lost over a pound in one day. She was starving and I wasn't producing milk.

I felt SO awful. All I kept worrying about was having a "fussy baby," and how that was going to impact US. I felt totally and completely guilty. It was MY fault.... But I had to own up to the fact that there was NOTHING I could have done to prevent that.

We rented a breast pump and started her on formula to get her weight back up. After that she was a whole new kid! Over the weekend she was back up to a few ounces shy of her birth weight. My milk started to come in (with the help of a pump) but it was still a very low supply.

Long story short, my adventures with breast feeding didn't last very long. I have next to nothing in terms of supply. I'm not beating myself up over it though. Geniuses are formula fed everyday. :)

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